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Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti was born in Lugano, Switzerland, Italy. Brothers Augusto and Giorgio Perfetti own candy and gum giant Perfetti Van Melle, a private company that sold $2.8 billion worth of sweets in 2015. Their top-selling brands include Mentos, Airheads and Chupa-Chups. Their father Ambrogio and uncle Egidio started the company to make chewing gum in 1946 in a small town near Milan; they had been inspired by American soldiers who had brought gum overseas during World War II. In the mid-1950s they started selling the still-popular Brooklyn gum, named after Allied troops, and the company has grown ever since. It acquired Netherlands-based Van Melle in 2001 and added Spain's Chupa Chups in 2006. The media-shy brothers live in Switzerland and no longer run the business.
Augusto & Giorgio Perfetti is a member of Food and Beverage

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Birth Place Lugano, Switzerland, Italy

💰 Net worth: $5.4 Billion (2022)

2013 $5 Billion
2014 $7.2 Billion
2015 $6 Billion
2016 $5.7 Billion
2017 $5.8 Billion
2018 $6.8 Billion

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