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Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal, born in 1940 in Mexico City, is the chairman of Jose Cuervo, which went public in 2017 and raised more than $900 million. He is the 11th generation of the Beckmann family to lead the company.
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Birth Year 1940
Birth Place Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico
Known for 70% owner, José Cuervo
Children Juan Domingo Beckmann

💰 Net worth: $7.7 Billion (2024)

Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal, a prominent figure in the food and beverage industry in Mexico, is projected to possess an impressive net worth of $7.7 billion by 2024. As a successful entrepreneur, Beckmann Vidal has been instrumental in steering his company to great heights within the highly competitive market. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, he has paved the way for significant growth and expansion, resulting in substantial financial success. Beckmann Vidal's accomplishments not only showcase his business prowess but also cement his position as a key player in shaping the food and beverage landscape in Mexico and beyond.

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My dad told me one day: You have to give back to Tequila and to its people some of what they have given us for so many years.



In 1970, Beckmann Vidal took charge of the tequila maker José Cuervo.


In 2011, Beckmann Vidal was still President of José Cuervo.