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Carlton Leach was born in Canning Town, Essex, British, is Author, Former Doorman, Former Football Hooligan & Bodybuilder. Carlton Leach is an English author and a former criminal. A former football hooligan, he turned his back to a life of violence and drug dealings after his close friend Tony Tucker was shot to death in a Range Rover in Rettendon. Today Carlton hopes to use his experiences in the underworld activities to help turn others away from a life of crime. Leach was propelled into a violent life by his love for the football club West Ham United at an early age. He became involved with a gang of football hooligans which provided him a taste of the criminal world. He blindly supported his favorite club, and fighting for it was part and parcel of his love for the team. After leaving the crime world, he wrote a memoir about his criminal life which was later adapted into the film ‘Rise of the Footsoldier’.
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Who is it? Author, Former Doorman, Former Football Hooligan & Bodybuilder
Birth Place Canning Town, Essex, British
Birth Sign Aries
Other names The Footsoldier
Occupation author, former doorman, former football hooligan and bodybuilder
Allegiance The ICF

💰 Net worth: $11 Million

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He was born in Canning Town, (East London since 1965). Leach was catapulted into a Criminal career by his love of West Ham United F.C. Before long, he was a member of the notorious Inter City Firm, a gang of hooligans who followed the East London club.


Leach started work as a bouncer in East London, where he became involved with Pat Tate and Tony Tucker, both of whom worked as large scale dealers in ecstasy during the rave era in the late 1980s. Pat Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe, were murdered in December 1995, shot to death in a Range Rover on a farm track in Rettendon, in what are known as the Rettendon Triple Murders.


In 2003 Leach wrote a memoir about his Criminal exploits, entitled Muscle. In 2007 a film based on the book was released, entitled Rise of the Footsoldier and starring Ricci Harnett as Leach.


In 2015, Carlton Leach worked with Ricci Harnet to organise another movie about his life, Reign of the General but, after losing a legal battle over copyright, the film was taken over by the owners of Rise of the Footsoldier 1 and released. The same people went on to make Part 3 of the franchise in 2017. Leach claimed to have no part in this movie and commented on Twitter that it was fictional and no longer his story.