Wang Junjin

About Wang Junjin

Birth Place: Shanghai, China, China
Died On: 285 (aged 79)
Monarch: Emperor Wu of Jin
Resting place: Changzhi, Shanxi
Spouse(s): Xu Miao's daughter
Children: Wang Ju Wang Chang
Occupation: General
Courtesy name: Shizhi (士治)
Posthumous name: Marquis Wu (武侯)
Peerage: Marquis of Xiangyang (襄陽侯)
Other name(s): Atong (阿童) (childhood name)

Wang Junjin Net Worth

Wang Junjin was born in Shanghai, China, China. Wang Junjin chairs Juneyao Group, which controls Shanghai-listed Juneyao Airlines. Wang holds an EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.
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