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Liu Yongxing was born in 1948 in Shanghai, China and is the Chairman of East Hope Group. The company has a wide range of business interests, including heavy industry, agriculture and real estate.
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Who is it? Chairman, East Hope Group
Birth Year 1948
Birth Place Shanghai, China, China
Residence Shanghai, China
Occupation Chairman and CEO, East Hope Group
Children Liu Shawn
Relatives Liu Yonghao (brother)

💰 Net worth: $9.9 Billion (2023)

Liu Yongxing, the esteemed chairman of East Hope Group in China, is projected to have an impressive net worth of $9.9 billion in 2023. As an influential figure in the Chinese business landscape, Liu Yongxing has led East Hope Group to become one of the largest privately held companies, specializing in sectors such as agribusiness, chemicals, real estate, and finance. With his vision, strategic decision-making, and dedication to sustainability, Liu Yongxing has successfully expanded East Hope Group's presence both nationally and globally. His substantial net worth stands as a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and remarkable achievements in the business world.

2009 $3 Billion
2010 $5 Billion
2011 $4.5 Billion
2012 $5.8 Billion
2013 $6 Billion
2014 $5.5 Billion
2015 $6.6 Billion
2016 $5.1 Billion
2017 $6.6 Billion
2018 $6.7 Billion

Awards and nominations:

In 2002, Liu Yongxing was rewarded with the “2001 CCTV Top 10 China’s Economic Leaders” award, as well as with the “Sohu 2001 Top 10 Financial Leaders” award.



In the late 1970s, Liu Yongxing and his brothers founded an electronics company that had to close soon after, as such Business ventures were regarded as “too capitalistic” at the time.


In 1982, Liu YongXing and his three brothers, accumulated 1,000 RMB and started a company called the “Hope Group.” The Business consisted of raising quail and hatching chickens in the Sichuan Province. They also established the Hope Research Center for animal feeds in 1986.


In 1995, Hope Group was split up into four separate companies among the siblings: West Hope Group (Chen Yuxin), New Hope Group (Liu Yonghai) and Continental Hope Group (Liu Yongyan). Liu Yongxing retained parts of the agricultural Business and got involved in the heavy chemical and aluminium industry, which ultimately led to the founding of today’s East Hope Group in 1995, one of the largest aluminium producers worldwide.


In 1999, Liu Yongxing relocated his East Hope HQ to Shanghai, China.


In 2002, Liu Yongxing was rewarded with the “2001 CCTV Top 10 China’s Economic Leaders” award, as well as with the “Sohu 2001 Top 10 Financial Leaders” award.


In 2015, East Hope's Baotou plant received 4.2 billion yuan in funds to incentivize upgrading its environmental protection facilities, while at the same time, a new kiln for solid waste disposal at one of the company's cement factories was regarded as innovative by Chinese authorities, according to East Hope sources.


On 15 December 2016, two people were killed when a red mud reservoir at East Hope’s Sanmenxia plant failed. Four months prior to the accident, amid another red mud spill incident in the province, the local government conducted safety inspections at East Hope facilities and approved their full compliance with the standards. Thus far, there are no reports that the company has faced repercussions for the accident.


Liu Yongxing is regarded among the richest people in China. He was ranked #18 on Forbes’ China Rich List with a net worth of $6.6 billion, which also makes him the richest Shanghai resident. Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index ranked him at #93 globally with $12.3 billion. His brothers are also billionaires and owners of their own companies.