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Polykarp Kusch was born on January 26, 1911 in Blankenburg, District of Blankenburg, Duchy of Brunswick, German Empire, American, is Physicist. Polykarp Kusch was a German-American physicist who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1955 for his landmark measurement of the magnetic moment of an electron. He worked under Isidor Isaac Rabi in carrying out various experiments on the magnetic resonance of molecular beams. He proved that magnetic moment of an electron was greater than its theoretical value by measuring it accurately with the help of magnetic resonance methodology. His measurement of the electron’s magnetic moment in a hydrogen atom was used to correct some of the anomalies in earlier findings. His discovery had a great impact on the study of Quantum Electrodynamics or QED as all of the theories existing till then had to be revised after considering the findings made by him. He shared the Nobel Prize with Willis E. Lamb who had also done the same deductions independently. He was a mechanical genius and designed and built his own apparatus for carrying out the experiments. Designing his own apparatus to the last screw gave him immense pleasure and to him it looked like getting the answers to his questions as the apparatus took its shape. His findings helped develop MRI technology later. His association with ‘Columbia University’ was for more than 30 years during which he worked with other institutions as well.
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Who is it? Physicist
Birth Day January 26, 1911
Birth Place Blankenburg, District of Blankenburg, Duchy of Brunswick, German Empire, American
Died On March 20, 1993(1993-03-20) (aged 82)\nDallas, Texas, United States
Birth Sign Aquarius
Alma mater University of Illinois, Case Western Reserve University
Known for Measured the magnetic moment of the electron
Awards Nobel Prize in Physics (1955)
Institutions University of Texas at Dallas Columbia University
Doctoral advisor Francis Wheeler Loomis
Doctoral students Eugene D. Commins
Other notable students Gordon Gould

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Kusch received his bachelor's degree in physics in 1931 from Case Western Reserve University. From the University of Illinois, he received his master's degree in 1933 and his Ph.D. in 1936. He spent much of his career as a professor at Columbia University in New York City, and served as the university's provost for several years before departing for the newly created University of Texas at Dallas. He worked on molecular beam resonance studies under I. I. Rabi, then discovered the electron anomalous magnet moment. Many measurements of magnetic moments and hyperfine structure followed. He expanded into chemical physics and continued to publish research on molecular beams. During his tenure at Columbia, he was the doctoral supervisor for Gordon Gould, the Inventor of the laser.


Kusch House, a residential dormitory for undergraduate students at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio on the South Campus is named after Kusch. It is located on Carlton Road in Cleveland Heights. His widow Betty died in 2003, aged 77.