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Birth Day: February 1, 1659
Birth Place: Middelburg, Netherlands
Died On: Jan 31, 1729 (age 69)
Birth Sign: Aquarius

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Jacob Roggeveen was bornon February 1, 1659 in Middelburg, Netherlands. Dutch admiral and explorer who discovered Easter Island and its famous stone heads.
Jacob Roggeveen is a member of Explorer

💰 Net worth: 20 million

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Dutch admiral and Explorer who discovered Easter Island and its famous stone heads.

Before Fame

He was commissioned by the Dutch West India Company to find Terra Australis, or Australia. Instead, he stumbled upon Easter Island.


He only spent one day on Easter Island, but was fascinated to witness the natives worshipping enormous stone statues.

Family Life

He was married to Anna Clement. His father was a noted Mathematician and navigator who spent a lifetime trying to find the mythical land of Australia.

Associated With

He never reached Australia--that was the destiny of British Explorer Charles Sturt.