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Saif Al Ghurair is a billionaire from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, who was born in 1923. He is the former chairman of the Al Ghurair Group, a family holding company, and is part of an old Dubai merchant family that harvested pearls from the Arabian Gulf. In the 1930s, a stormy boat trip to India to sell dates left him blind in one eye. His six sons hold positions in the group, which has interests in banking, steel and packaging. He owns nearly 40% of Mashreq Bank, a leading Emirati bank run by his nephew, Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair.
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Birth Year 1923
Birth Place Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates
Residence Dubai, UAE
Alma mater Al Ain University
Occupation Businessman
Title Chairman, Al Ghurair Group
Spouse(s) married
Children 5
Relatives Abdulla Al Ghurair (brother), Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair (nephew)

💰 Net worth: $1.7 Billion (2024)

Saif Al Ghurair, a prominent businessman and entrepreneur, is widely recognized for his extraordinary achievements in the United Arab Emirates. As of 2024, his net worth is estimated to be an impressive $1.7 billion. Saif Al Ghurair has gained fame and fortune due to the diversified nature of his business ventures. He has successfully established and led several companies spanning various industries, thereby showcasing his exceptional skills in business diversification. Through his visionary leadership, Saif Al Ghurair has not only contributed significantly to the economy of the UAE but has also become an inspirational figure for aspiring entrepreneurs in the region.

2009 $2.8 Billion
2010 $2.3 Billion
2011 $1.7 Billion
2012 $2 Billion
2013 $1.4 Billion
2014 $2.8 Billion
2015 $3.4 Billion
2016 $2.2 Billion
2017 $2.1 Billion
2018 $2.02 Billion

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A stormy boat trip to India in the 1930s to sell dates left him blind in one eye.