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Jack Kinzler was an engineer born on January 09, 1920 in Pennsylvania. He was known for his work in the aerospace industry and was a key figure in the Apollo 11 mission. His net worth, biography, age, height, family and career updates are available online. He was a highly respected engineer and his work was instrumental in the success of the Apollo 11 mission.
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Birth Day January 09, 1920
Birth Place Pennsylvania
Birth Sign Capricorn

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Jack Kinzler, a renowned engineer based in Pennsylvania, is estimated to have a net worth ranging between $100K and $1M by the year 2024. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in engineering, Kinzler has made a significant impact in his field. His accomplishments and contributions have not only solidified his reputation as an exceptional engineer but also propelled his financial success. As he continues to excel in his career, Jack Kinzler's net worth is expected to witness further growth in the coming years.

Popularly known as "Mr. Fix It," he was chief of the Technical Services Center at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. He is famous for creating the solar shield that rescued the space station Skylab.

He was an avid builder of model planes and flew them competitively.

He created the golf club head used by NASA astronaut Alan Shepard during his golf drives on the moon.

His father was an inventor and photoengraver.

He and astronaut Harrison Schmitt were both awarded the NASA Distinguished Service Medal in 1973.