Dan Greiner Net Worth

Dan Greiner was born in United States, is Husband of Lori Greiner. Daniel Greiner is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of For Your Ease Only, a company headed by his inventor, entrepreneur, and reality TV star wife Lori Greiner. He previously worked as a controller at the Bell & Howell Corporation. A major source of support and inspiration for Lori, he has been with her right from the beginning. They met at the Lincoln Park Bar Kincaid’s in Chicago when she was only a young aspiring inventor with impossibly ambitious dreams of success. It was her ingenuity and drive combining perfectly with Dan’s dedication and pragmatism that have made Lori one of most recognizable faces in the business world. Working from the same desk, she looks after sales, marketing, and legal aspects, while he manages the shipping, packaging, accounting, and inventory functions. The facts that she holds about 120 US and international patents, has created and sold over 400 products and is worth $50 million are testaments to their successful partnership inside the workplace and beyond.
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