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Wei Qi & family was born in China. Wei Qi, chairman of specialty chemicals maker Tianhe Chemicals Group, took his company public in June 2014 in Hong Kong. Trading was suspended in September 2014 after allegations of fraud by Anonymous Analytics, an arm of hacker group Anonymous. Trading resumed in October 2014, but was suspended again this year in connection with an accounting issue..
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Birth Place China
Died On 106 BC\nXi'an, Shaanxi
Other names Zhongqing (仲卿) Marquis Lie of Changping (長平烈侯)
Occupation General
Spouse(s) Princess Pingyang
Children Wei Kang Wei Buyi Wei Deng
Parents Zheng Ji (father) Lady Wei (mother)

💰 Net worth: $1.35 Million

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Wei Qing died in 106 BC and was buried in a large tomb built to the model of Mount Lu (盧山, a mountain previously in Xiongnu-occupied territory). The tomb was connected to that of his nephew Huo Qubing, who had died in 117 BC, and the Future tomb for Emperor Wu. Wei Qing would not live to see the destruction of his clan — nobody survived except his youngest son Wei Deng (衛登) and his great grandnephew Liu Bingyi, as well as the tragic fate of his sister Empress Wei and nephew Liu Ju, during the political turmoil in 91 BC.