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Vince Offer net worth: Vince Offer is an American/Israeli infomercial pitchman, writer, director, and comedian who has a net worth of $2 million. Vince Offer has earned his net worth by appearing in several television commercials for the products ShamWow! a super-absorbent towel, and the Slap Chop, a kitchen gadget.
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Who is it? Comedian, Actor, Film director, Screenwriter
Birth Day April 25, 1964
Birth Place United States
Birth Sign Taurus
Net Worth: $2 Million
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)

💰 Net worth: $2 Million (2021)

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He also wrote, directed and appeared in a 1999 comedy film The Underground Comedy Movie, this movie was met with a negative reception. According to The New York Post it "may be the least amusing comedy ever made," and Lawrence Van Gelder of The New York Times described the movie as "a series of sketches built around subjects like masturbation, defecation, alienation, urination, necrophilia, voyeurism, casual brutality, and mockery of the unfortunate." The film led to several lawsuits such as Offer's copyright-infringement suit against Peter and Bobby Farrelly and Twentieth Century Fox, which was dismissed, and his breach of contract suit against actress Anna Nicole Smith which he won. After the movie was a flop Offer decided to put the trailer on an infomercial, and sold 50,000 copies via direct order.

Vince was born in Haifa, Israel on April 25, 1964 he has dual citizenship of American and Israeli. In the summer of 2007's Seth Stevenson was happy with Offers "smooth-talking condescension" in the infomercials for the Sham Wow! In December 2008, Offer, began appearing in infomercial, advertising the Slap Chop and the Graty, he had previous experience selling kitchen utensils at swap meets, and flea markets. Offer's styles is aggressive and loaded with the use of double entendres such as "you're gonna love my nuts" have earned him notoriety. According to a post on the Adweek blog this unique style helped make Offer "the man who could beat Billy Mays at his own game." Offer was charged with felony battery in Miami Beach, Florida on February 7, 2009 after he allegedly hit a 26-year-old prostitute. Prosecutors later declined to file formal charges against either individual.