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. Vespasian was born in Falacrine, Ancient Rome, and was the ninth emperor of Rome who founded the Flavian dynasty. He rose in the senate to become consul and was appointed the proconsul of Africa, a decade later. After Emperor Nero committed suicide, Vespasian prepared his own bid for power and was declared Emperor by the Roman senate after a major battle. During his ten-year reign, Vespasian worked towards restoring Rome's finances and reinstating discipline in the army. Upon his death, Vespasian became the first Roman Emperor to be directly succeeded by his own natural son, thus establishing the Flavian dynasty.
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Who is it? Roman Emperor
Birth Place Falacrine, Ancient Roman
Died On (79-06-24)24 June 79 (aged 69)
Birth Sign Scorpio
Reign 1 July 69 – 24 June 79
Predecessor Vitellius
Successor Titus
Burial Rome
Wives Domitilla the Elder (died before 69) Caenis (mistress and de facto wife c. 65–74)
Issue Titus Domitian Domitilla the Younger
Full nameRegnal name Full name Titus Flavius Vespasianus Regnal name Imperator Caesar Titus Flavius Vespasiānus Augustus Titus Flavius VespasianusImperator Caesar Titus Flavius Vespasiānus Augustus
Dynasty Flavian
Father Titus Flavius Sabinus I
Mother Vespasia Polla

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In his ninth consulship he had a slight illness in Campania, and returning at once to the city, he left for Cutiliaeº and the country about Reate, where he spent the summer every year. There, in addition to an increase in his illness, having contracted a bowel complaint by too free use of the cold waters, he nevertheless continued to perform his duties as emperor, even receiving embassies as he lay in bed. Taken on a sudden with such an attack of diarrhoea that he all but swooned, he said: "An emperor ought to die standing," and while he was struggling to get on his feet, he died in the arms of those who tried to help him, on the ninth day before the Kalends of July, at the age of sixty-nine years, seven months and seven days..

— Suetonius, Lives of the Twelve Caesars, "Life of Vespasian" §24



Vespasian debased the denarius during his reign, reducing the silver purity from 93.5% to 90% – the silver weight dropping from 2.97 grams to 2.87 grams.


His last words are quoted in The Gambler, a 2014 remake of the 1974 James Caan film of the same name.