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Turgay Ciner was born in Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey. Turgay Ciner, who started out in the auto parts business, presides over a conglomerate believed to be the world's largest producer of low-cost soda ash, a raw material used in the manufacturing of glass, detergents and other industrial products. His Ciner Holding also is active in media, energy and tourism. In 2015, Ciner (pronounced "jin-ner") acquired a controlling interest in a massive soda ash facility in Green River, Wyoming; the business trades publicly on the NYSE under the name Ciner Resources. Meanwhile, with financing from the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), Ciner is expanding its soda ash production in Turkey and making large investments in the energy sector. Its Silopi Electric, in Turkey's Southeastern Anatolia region, generates electricity from thermal power plants fueled by coal extracted from nearby Ciner mines.
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Birth Place Istanbul, Turkey, Turkey

💰 Net worth: $1.1 Billion (2021)

2010 $1 Billion
2011 $1 Billion
2012 $1 Billion
2013 $1.3 Billion
2015 $1.25 Billion
2016 $1.3 Billion
2017 $1.6 Billion
2018 $1.54 Billion

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