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Thomas Struengmann is a German entrepreneur and investor who, along with his twin brother Andreas, sold their generic drug maker Hexal AG and 68% stake in Eon Labs to Novartis for $7.5 billion in 2005. Since then, they have invested in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as a private bank. Thomas obtained a business degree from the University of Augsburg and worked as a marketing manager for Schering-Plough. He is an avid golfer and skier, and enjoys collecting modern art and Swiss watches.
Thomas Struengmann is a member of Health care

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Birth Place Tegernsee, Germany, Germany

💰 Net worth: $11.5 Billion (2024)

Thomas Struengmann, a prominent figure in the healthcare industry in Germany, is estimated to possess a staggering net worth of $11.5 billion in 2024. He has earned his wealth primarily through his involvement in the healthcare sector, where he has demonstrated exceptional skills and expertise. Through his strategic investments and business ventures, Thomas Struengmann has managed to establish himself as a leading healthcare entrepreneur in Germany, contributing significantly to the development and improvement of the healthcare landscape in the country. With his remarkable net worth, Thomas Struengmann continues to make a significant impact on the healthcare industry and plays an influential role in shaping its future.

2009 $3.6 Billion
2010 $3.8 Billion
2011 $3.9 Billion
2012 $3.3 Billion
2013 $3.4 Billion
2014 $3.5 Billion
2015 $3.3 Billion
2016 $3.2 Billion
2017 $3.1 Billion
2018 $3.72 Billion

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