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Stephen S. Campanelli was born, is Camera Department, Director, Cinematographer. Stephen Campanelli, bought a steadicam when there were very few around, and quickly became the most sought after steadicam operator in the country. He was the first to combine "A" Camera operating and steadicam, and in doing so unlocked an entirely new filmmaking perspective that quickly peaked the interests of some of Hollywood's top directors including Stephen's boyhood idol: Clint Eastwood. Stephen first joined Clint on the Oscar and Golden Globe nominated "Bridges of Madison County" and has remained Clint's most trusted "camera eye" ever since. They have collaborated on The Oscar winning films, "Million Dollar Baby" and "Mystic River" the Oscar nominated "Flags of our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima", and their latest films "Gran Torino," "American Sniper" and "Sully". All these films shot through Stephen's expertise and guidance. Clint, and numerous other prominent directors have entrusted Stephen with crucial on-set directorial decisions, such as setting up shots and blockings, working with the lead actors, shooting rehearsals to capture spontaneity, all of this shot through Stephen's vision and camera. After over 22 years by Clint's side, Stephen jokingly confesses to being a graduate of the "University of Clint Eastwood", having learned all of the maestro's directing secrets: his efficiency on the set, his easy demeanor, his way of letting the actors do what they do best... "act". Stephen is following in the footsteps of a great story- telling director, who has shared with him his vast knowledge, not only of directing, but what it is like to be an actor before a daunting camera. And now, with Clint Eastwood's blessing and the admiration of every crew he has worked with, on the 63 motion pictures listed in his resume, and after having been nominated 3 times and won in 2012, for Best Camera Operator of the Year, and getting the prestigious lifetime achievement award from the Society of Camera Operators in 2016, Stephen Campanelli has made the natural leap to the director's chair, having already helmed 3 motion pictures, "Momentum" "Rio Heat" and "Indian Horse",.....and is ready to breathe life into his next project...
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Campanelli's film Indian Horse won the top award at the 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival.



Stephen Campanelli first started camera work while at Marianopolis College, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He graduated from Marianopolis in 1978. Campanelli graduated from film studies from Concordia University, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1983. During his time there, he won first place in a student film competition that took place in Concordia's Hall Amphitheatre, for From A Whisper To A Scream. From A Whisper To A Scream later screened at the 1984 Montreal World Film Festival, receiving accolades. His first film job was on Meatballs III, which was filmed in the Montreal suburb of Hudson, Quebec.


He worked with Jack Green, a frequent collaborator of Clint Eastwood's, who recommended him to Eastwood. Eastwood handled all the immigration papers to get Campanelli to be able to legally work in the United States. Campanelli went on to be a cameraman on Clint Eastwood's production film crew, starting as camera operator on The Bridges of Madison County. In 2011, he was nominated for "Camera Operator of the Year" of the Society of Camera Operators, for his work on Hereafter. He worked on the Eastwood crew for 20 years, ending in the middle of shooting of American Sniper, where he had to depart in mid-filming to pursue his directorial debut on 2015's Momentum.


Campanelli directed his first film in South Africa, with action film Momentum, starring Olga Kurylenko, with star antagonist James Purefoy, and featuring Morgan Freeman as the heavy. Freeman had offered his services to Campanelli on whatever film he would debut as Director on. The film premiered at the 2015 Fantasia International Film Festival, on 22 July 2015, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, screening in the same Hall Amphitheatre as he had screened his student film in, 30 years earlier.


Campanelli's film Indian Horse won the top award at the 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival.