Sergei Galitsky Net Worth

Sergei Galitsky is a Russian entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Magnit, the largest supermarket chain and cosmetics retailer in Russia. He began his business in 1994 as a perfume and beauty supplies wholesaler, and opened his first grocery store four years later. In 2006, he took the company public and still owns more than a third of it. Galitsky also owns a soccer team, a soccer academy, a personal jet, a yacht, and a country estate with a main house and eight satellite houses.
Sergei Galitsky is a member of Fashion and Retail

Age, Biography and Wiki

Birth Day August 14, 1967
Birth Place Krasnodar, Russia, Russia
Birth Sign Virgo
Residence Krasnodar, Russia
Occupation Co-Owner of Magnit Owner of FC Krasnodar
Spouse(s) Viktoria Galitskaya
Children Polina Galitskaya

💰 Net worth: $3.2 Billion (2023)

Sergei Galitsky, widely recognized as a prominent figure in the fashion and retail industry in Russia, boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $3.2 billion, as estimated for the year 2023. Galitsky's immense wealth reflects not only his business acumen but also his unwavering commitment to transforming the retail landscape in his homeland. Through his various ventures and strategic investments, Galitsky has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Russia's fashion and retail sector. His remarkable success has earned him both admiration and respect, establishing him as a true titan in Russian business circles.

2010 $2.9 Billion
2011 $5.5 Billion
2012 $4.9 Billion
2013 $8.2 Billion
2014 $10.3 Billion
2015 $8.3 Billion
2016 $5.7 Billion
2017 $6.8 Billion
2018 $4.19 Billion



Sergey Arutyunian was born on 14 August 1967, in Lazarevskoye, a suburb of Sochi, southern Russia, his mother is Russian and his Father is Armenian. He later adopted his wife's surname.


In 1993, he graduated from the Economics faculty of Kuban State University. A year later, he founded the company, "Tander", which traded wholesale cosmetics and perfumery. In 1998, he built the first distribution center, and immediately after the 1998 Russian financial crisis, opened the first grocery store "Magnit" in Krasnodar. In 2000, he switched to Retail, and created the largest network by number of stores in Russia. In 2006, the company conducted its IPO and was valued at $1.9 billion.