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Ryan is a true southern gentleman, born and raised in the South. His life changed dramatically when he came to the aid of a woman being attacked, resulting in a near death experience that required facial reconstruction surgery. He spent almost two years recovering from the surgery, and his experience has made him a stronger and more compassionate person.
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Who is it? stunts, actor, writer
Birth Day May 23, 1973
Birth Place USA
Ryan Christopher Keys age 50 YEARS OLD
Birth Sign Gemini
Height 5' 11" (1.8 m)

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Comedy Central Presents (1998) $198,000

Born and raised in the South, Ryan is a true southern gentleman. After experiencing a life changing event during a near death experience due to coming to the aid of a woman being attacked. He spent almost 2 years recovering from a facial reconstruction. He then realized that life is short so you have to go for your dreams. So in 1996 he moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting, After 9 years as a successful actor, he decided to return to his first passion. Helping people better themselves!

Ryan addressed many of the issues we all face in the day to day world of dating, and relationships. He has written for several publications over a span of 12 years regarding these issues, and published a successful advice column called "The Soapbox" based on his experiences in life and as an artist. His column has been syndicated by several publications since September 2004 through 2012, and he spoke at many events regarding these same issues that confound us all.

He has received questions from 1,000's of people, and helped them see the secret side to dealing with the opposite sex. He answered questions about dating on and off the internet, romance, and the ever elusive love.

He went on to create a career in the Medical field expanding his scope of practice to clinical hands on help with patients in need. He has never lost the passion for Hollywood and the craft of creating something out of nothing. All of these experiences come together and enable him to bring a depth to the art of acting and writing beyond his wildest dreams.