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Rosa Anna Magno Garavoglia and Family Net Worth: Rosa Anna Magno Garavoglia is an Italian businesswoman who shares a net worth of $3.6 billion with her family. The Garavoglias made their debut as billionaires this year as producers of the dark red Italian beverage Campari.
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Birth Day March 08, 1933
Birth Place Italy
Died On 2016
Birth Sign Pisces
Net Worth: $3.6 Billion

💰 Net worth: $3.6 Billion (2022)

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For those living under a rock, the drink has been around for more than a century and it's the key ingredient behind classic cocktails like the Negroni. Now, Rosa Anna Magno Garavoglia and her two children, son Luca and daughter Alessandra, control Gruppo Campari, a publicly traded beverage company that has been actively spreading all around the world.

Mrs. Garavoglia inherited the Campari's share held by her husband, Dominico, upon his death, while he in turn received that portion from the last living heir of the Campari family, Angiola Maria Migliavacca back in 1982. In recent times, the company went public in 2001, bringing Bob Kunze-Concewitz on board in 2005. Bob Kunze-Concewitz was also named CEO in 2007 and ever since, the stock has been on the rise as he added key brands like Wild Turkey whisky, Skyy Vodka and aperitif Aperol. The media shy family, who draws its net worth from the group, made the headlines in 2000 when Maddalena Garavoglia, sister of Lucas and Alessandra, sued the Garavoglias for allegedly being pushed out of the company. The case was settled for $100 million in 2006.