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Robert Miller Net Worth: Robert Miller is a Canadian billionaire who has a net worth of $1.6 billion. Known to be media-shy, he rose to riches as a co-founder of Future Electronics, which has been selling and distributing electronic components since 1968.
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Birth Day May 23, 1933
Birth Place Canada
Birth Sign Gemini
Net Worth: $1.6 Billion
Gender: Male

💰 Net worth: $2.01 Billion (2022)

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Some eight years ago, he became sole owner as he bought out his partner's share for $500,000. The Quebec-headquartered company now operates in 42 countries, with most locations in the States, Europe and Asia. As a believer in cryonics – the science of freezing bodies to restore life, Miller supports the cryonics-focused Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Furthermore, he invests in real estate and even got embroiled in a lawsuit with his former wife regarding a housing development in Florida.

Robert Miller was born in 1945. He has graduated from Rider University. He has generously contributed to charity in the last few years and we can include here examples such as the Alcor Life Extension Foundation which can supported. He has also become popular due to his wish of being cryogenically preserved after death. Robert Miller is said to be more of a private man even if he wants to live forever and not disappear after his death. He also plans on giving away the majority of his fortune before he dies.