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Robert Graysmith was born on September 17, 1942 in Pensacola, Florida, United States, United States, is Author. Robert Graysmith is an American author and former cartoonist best known for his works on the ‘Zodiac Killer case’. For more than 17 years, he made use of every single opportunity to exploit the tragic case for his individual benefit. In his books, he claimed to have recognized one of America's most mysterious serial killers though he did not provide any credible proofs. Well, the true crime author’s books about the unsolved case have been broadly discredited by researchers, critics, witnesses, investigators, and others. However, his fictional accounts have served as the base for several movies, including David Fincher’s motion pictures ‘Zodiac’ and ‘Se7en.’ On a personal note, Graysmith is a two-time divorcee and currently resides in California. The cartoonist-turned-crime writer aka “Zodiac scavenger” is also active on the social networking website Facebook, with thousands of fans and followers.
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Who is it? Author
Birth Day September 17, 1942
Birth Place Pensacola, Florida, United States, United States
Birth Sign Libra
Residence San Francisco, California, United States
Occupation Author former cartoonist
Known for The Zodiac Killer case

💰 Net worth: $1.1 Million

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Graysmith worked as a political Cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle in 1969 when the Zodiac Killer case came to prominence. He attempted to decode letters written by the killer and became obsessed with the case over the next thirteen years. His marriage to his second wife Melanie ended in divorce, which he directly attributes to his intense interest in the case. Graysmith wrote two books about the case, eventually giving up his career as a Cartoonist to write five more books on high-profile crimes, one of which became the basis for the film Auto Focus (2002). The critically acclaimed movie Zodiac (2007), directed by David Fincher, was based on his books and featured Jake Gyllenhaal as Graysmith. Graysmith now lives in San Francisco.