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Rajendra Chola I was born in Thanjavur, Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Indian, is Ruler. Rajendra Chola I was one of the greatest emperors of the Chola dynasty. He expanded the Chola Empire from where his father Rajaraja Chola had left. Apart from reaching northwards to River Ganges and moving overseas to Maldives and Sri Lanka, he also invaded the Southeast Asian territories of Srivijaya in Malaysia, Indonesia and southern Thailand. He continued to maintain and improve commercial relations with China, started off by his father. He assumed the title ‘Gangaikonda Chola’ (The Chola who took the Ganges) after defeating the Gangas, Chalukyas, Cheras, Palas, Pandyas, Kalinga and other rulers. Besides, he was also known by various other titles, such as Mudigonda Chola, Virarajendra, and Pandita Chola, apart from inheriting the title of ‘Mummudi Chola’ (The Chola with three crowns) from his father. He established a new capital Gangaikonda Cholapuram, where he constructed a Shiva temple, resembling the Brihadeeswara Temple built by his father Rajaraja Chola at the previous capital Thanjavur. He built a vast empire and a strong military and naval force. His rule came to be known as the ‘Golden Age of Cholas’. He was succeeded by his son Rajadhiraja Chola, who was then followed by his other two sons – Rajendra Chola II and Virarajendra Chola
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Who is it? Ruler
Birth Place Thanjavur, Gangaikonda Cholapuram, Indian
Died On 1044 CE
Reign c. 1014 – c. 1044 CE
Predecessor Rajaraja I
Successor Rajadhiraja Chola I
Consort Tribhuvana Mahadeviyar Pancavan Madeviyar Viramadevi
Issue Rajadhiraja Chola I Rajendra Chola II Virarajendra Chola Arulmolinangayar Ammangadevi
Dynasty Chola Dynasty
Father Rajaraja Chola
Mother Thiripuvana Madeviyar
Religion Shaivism

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In the 8th year of the reign of Kopparakesarivanmar sri Rajendra Sola Deva, who, while the goddess of Fortune, having become constant, increased, and while the goddess of the great Earth, the goddess of victory in battle and the matchless goddess of Fame, having become his great queens, rejoiced-that in his extended lifetime, conquered with his great war-like army Idaiturai-nadu, Vanavasi shut in by a fence of continuous forests; Kollipakkai, whose walls were surrounded by sulli trees; Mannaikkadakkam whose fortification was unapproachable.



Rajendra Chola had many consorts including Tribuvana or Vanavan Mahadeviar, Mukkokilan, Panchavan Mahadevi, Arindhavan Madevi and Viramadevi who committed sati on Rajendra’s death. The Siddanta Saravali of Trilochana Sivacharya who was a contemporary of Kulothunga III states that Rajendra was a poet and he composed hymns in praise of Shiva. Rajendra had three sons namely Rajadhiraja Chola, Rajendra Chola II and Virarajendra Chola, who followed him on the Chola throne in succession. He had two daughters Pranaar Arul Mozhi Nangai and Ammanga Devi. His campaigns were led by general Senapati Narakkan Sri Krishnan Raman.