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Nikolai Maximov, born in 1972 in Ekaterinburg, Russia, started a family business in 1991 that sold wood and furniture and then branched into scrap iron. He invested profits in shares of small metallurgy works in the Urals and replaced old furnaces with electrical ones, planning to build a network of mini-factories. However, he borrowed heavily and was forced to sell company shares to Novolipetsk Steel in 2007. In 2011, he was detained in Moscow on charges of abuse of power, and the case is still ongoing. Despite this, he was able to invest wisely during the global recession, buying stock in Sberbank when prices were low and later selling for nearly five times as much.
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Birth Day November 15, 1972
Birth Place Russia
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Height 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)
Weight 93 kg (205 lb)
Sport Water polo
Club Dynamo Moscow (1990–2000) CN Sabadell (2000–2003) Spartak Volgograd (2003–2005) Sintez Kazan (2005–)
Medal record Representing  Russia Olympic Games 2000 Sydney Team Competition 2004 Athens Team Competition World Championships 1994 Rome Team Competition FINA World Cup 2002 Belgrade Team Competition 1995 Atlanta Team Competition European Championships 1997 Seville Team Competition Representing  RussiaOlympic GamesWorld ChampionshipsFINA World CupEuropean Championships 2000 SydneyTeam Competition2004 AthensTeam Competition1994 RomeTeam Competition2002 BelgradeTeam Competition1995 AtlantaTeam Competition1997 SevilleTeam Competition

💰 Net worth: $1.1 Billion

Nikolai Maximov and his family are renowned for their successful investments in Russia, making their net worth soar to an estimated $1.1 billion by 2024. With a keen eye for lucrative opportunities, the Maximovs have consistently made wise investment decisions across various sectors in the country. Their astute business acumen has undoubtedly played a significant role in their financial achievements, solidifying their reputation as notable investors in Russia. With their wealth continuing to grow, the Maximovs' influence in the investment landscape is expected to flourish further in the coming years.

2011 $1.2 Billion
2012 $1.2 Billion
2013 $1.2 Billion
2014 $1.2 Billion
2015 $1.1 Billion
2018 $1.1 Billion