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Mikhail Gutseriev is a Russian billionaire and majority shareholder of Safmar Group, formerly known as BIN Group. His brother and nephew own the rest of the company, which owns oil giants Russneft and Neftisa. Gutseriev has taken advantage of Russia's economic crisis to build up his portfolio, buying banks, pension funds, oil fields, factories, real estate development companies, warehouses, a radio station, and two five-star hotels. In 2006, he was accused of violating terms of his oil license and failing to pay taxes, and sold Russneft to Oleg Deripaska. When the charges were dropped in 2010, he bought back Russneft. In addition to his business ventures, Gutseriev also writes lyrics for songs performed by famous Russian singers.
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Birth Day March 09, 1958
Birth Place Moscow, Russia, Russia
Birth Sign Aries
Residence Moscow, Russia
Alma mater Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Occupation Entrepreneur Businessman
Known for Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russneft and the Russian Coal
Awards Order of Friendship Order of the Badge of Honour

💰 Net worth: $2.5 Billion (2023)

2009 $1.9 Billion
2010 $2.2 Billion
2011 $2.5 Billion
2012 $6.7 Billion
2013 $3 Billion
2014 $3.3 Billion
2015 $2.4 Billion
2016 $5.9 Billion
2017 $6.3 Billion
2018 $4.86 Billion

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His paternal grandfather, Saad Gutseriev, was born in 1882 in the outskirts of Vladikavkaz. Being a nine-year-old boy, alone, barefoot, he crossed the Cross Pass and moved to Tbilisi, Georgia. He completed a non-classical secondary school, then was trained at the Special Gendarme Corps of the Russian Imperial Army and subsequently was educated in Law. Saad Gutseriev served as a Commissary of Western Georgia and Sukhumi. In process of time he moved to Vladikavkaz, where run a Business, owning the starch and distilling factories. After the Russian Revolution, Saad Gutseriev occupied management positions in various enterprises under the Commissariat of Local Industry. In 1944 Saad was repressed, the house was confiscated and his whole family exiled to Kazakhstan, where he remained until his death in 1948. Nowadays, the most contemporary and chic hotel in Astana, erected by Gutseriev family, bears the name of their Grandfather – Saad-Mariott.


Mikhail Gutseriev`s Father, Safarbek Saadovich, was born in 1920, graduated from a Law School in 1941 and later on pursued a degree in Economics. During the World War II he served in the procuratorial offices and at the age of 23 headed the district prosecutor`s office. After the deportation of Ingush people to Kazakhstan in 1944, Safarbek Gutseriev served as a senior investigator for special cases of the Akmolinsk Regional Administration of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1948 he was illegally repressed and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment and subsequent 5-year exile settlement with full deprival of rights. “For seven years, day by day, my Father had been sending two letters to the name of Stalin. One - from his own name. The other, signed by my mother, was composed by his friend, also a convict. My Father sent over 5 000 letters in total”, recalls Mikhail Safarbekovich. Half a year after Stalin`s death, Safarbek Gutseriev was freed, reinstated in the Party, and in 1955 fully rehabilitated. After the War, he took up various management positions of a regional level: Head of Production and Processing Equipment Agency of Tselinstroy, Head of Construction and Erection Directorate, and of number of other industrial and Retail enterprises. He was given 11 state awards.


In 1975 Gutseriev started his labor activity as a loader (warehouse worker) in Groznenskiy Gorplodovoshtorg in Grozny. From 1976 he worked as a reel operator of a silkscreening workshop at the Dzhambul Factory of Folk Arts and Crafts, then till 1982 - as a supervising foreman of sewing workshop at the same factory. Simultaneously he studied at the evening department of the Chemical Processing Faculty of the Institute of Technology, Dzhambul, Kazakh SSR, majoring in “Leather and Furs”.


From 1982 worked as a process Engineer, later on – as a senior process Engineer of Grozny Production Association at the RSFSR Ministry of Local Industry, Grozny. It took him only four years to advance from a process Engineer to the CEO of the Association, having become the youngest CEO among managers of Manufacturing enterprises of the USSR. In 1988 Mikhail Gutseriev founded a Russian-Italian joint venture, the first one in the Northern Caucasus, the CHIITAL furniture factory. He also became a pioneer of private banking Business in the USSR: at the same 1988 he founded “Kavkaz”, one of the first cooperative banks in this country. In 1991 M. Gutseriev was elected Chairman of Businessmen Association of Checheno-Ingush ASSR.


Mikhail Gutseriev is married and has got a son and a daughter. His elder son Chingiz , born in 1986, died after car accident in 2007.


In 1992, when Dzhokhar Dudayev took power, M. Gutseriev had to leave his Business and flew to Moscow, where he founded industrial and financial company “BIN” (Bank of Investments and Innovations), uniting industrial, trading and financial enterprises. In 1993 he founded and headed the Joint Stock Commercial Bank BIN, which nowadays is among Top 30 Russian Commercial Banks. In 1994 he was appointed the head of Ingushetia zone of economic favor by the Russian Government Decree.


In 1995 he finished Finance Academy under the Government of Russian Federation, majoring in “Finance and Credits”, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, majoring in “Methods and Technology of Oil and Gas Engineering”, St. Petersburg University of Law , majoring in “Civil Law” and Post graduate course at St. Petersburg University of Law, having received Master's Degree in “Criminal Procedural Law”. Eventually he pursued Doctoral studies at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, majoring in “Free Economic Zones”. Has Doctoral degree in Law and candidate (PhD) degree in Economics.


Mother of Mikhail, Marem Yakubovna Akhil`gova, was a housewife. She held an honorary title “Mother-heroine” for giving birth and educating 9 children. Mikhail, the seventh of the children, grew very bright-headed. He finished high school No. 23 in Grozny, Checheno-Ingushskaya ASSR. The school, completely destroyed during the First Chechen War, in 2005 was rebuilt with Gutseriev`s financial support. .


In 2006 PJSC Russneft and Lomonosov Moscow State University opened Higher School of Innovative Business and Management, one of the five corporate universities of MSU. The programs were developed by PJSC “RussNeft” and three faculties of MSU (Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Geology, Faculty of Management) taking into account the objectives of oil corporations within three MA programs: “Geological and physical studies of oil and gas fields”, “Chemical refinery of hydrocarbons”, “Management of mineral resources”.


On October 16, 2007 Gutseriev applied for political asylum to the Border and Immigration Agency of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office but this information was officially rebutted.


In the end of October 2009, the Investigative Committee varied the preventive measure for Gutseriev from arrest in absentia on undertaking not to leave his usual place of residence.


In 2010 Mikhail Gutseriev became the key player in the broadcasting market in Russia.


From 2012 to 2017 five albums of songs on the verses of Mikhail Gutseriev have been released: “Habitat of Love”, “We are afraid to love”, “A time to love”, “The formula of happiness” and “Tea with milk”.


On December 7, 2013 at the Music Festival “Song of the year 2013” Mikhail Gutseriev was awarded the Robert Rozhdestvensky Special Prize in nomination “Best Poet of the Year”. He received 9 awards in total at this contest alone.


In December 2014, 12 songs composed on the lyrics of Gutseriev became the laureates of “Song of the year 2014” and the author himself was recognized as “Best poet of a year” for the second year straight: «A Loveless Idol», performed by Philipp Kirkorov (music by D. Kontopulos); “Cherry-Blossom Love” performed by Nikolay Baskov (music by I. Krutoy); «Women`s fate – Men`s willpower» performed by Joseph Kobzon (music by M. Pokrovsky); «Moscow`s Autumn» performed by Kristina Orbakaite (music by Sergey Revtov); «That time of love» performed by Valeriya (Music by I. Brylin) ; «Happiness above the Earth” Performed by Zara (music by Victor Drobysh, T. Leontiev); «Grief Does Not Matter» performed by Nepara duet (music by L. Molochnik, A. Zolotarev, R. Dzhanibekov); «Naughty because of you» performed by Natasha Koroleva and Alexander Marshal (music V. Kokhana); «Waiting for your call» performed by Alexander Kogan (music by V. Drobysh); «You are my happiness» performed by Alsou (music by I. Krutoy); «My mature one» performed by Slava (music by V. Kokhana); «Love of awairy swans» performed by Lara Fabian (music by I. Krutoy).


In December 2015 Gutseriev once again was selected as the best author of “Song of the year”[74]. The following songs have become winners: «Warm mantle of your arms» performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana); «Indigo» performed by Philipp Kirkorov (music by Tomislav Brkić, Zoran Savin); «Love is not just words» performed by Nikolay Baskov (music by Igor Krutoy); «Formula of happiness» performed by Valeriya (music by S. Revtov); «Oughts and crosses» performed by Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova (music by Alexander Sokolov); «Incongruous love» performed by Stas Piekha (Music by Victor Drobysh and Timofey Leontiev); «One-woman man» performed by Slava (music by Sergey Revtov); «That year of Love” performed by Zara (music by V. Kokhana); «Bitter savour of elderberry» performed by Lyubov Uspenskaya (music by Igor Azarov); «Autumn love» performed by Ani Lorak (music by Alexey Ronamof); «I promise I`ll be back to you» performed by Denis Klyaver (music by Sergey Bakumenko); «No word for “Me” “, performed by Natasha Koroleva (music by Andrey Pryazhnikov); „I understand, you are tired“ performed by Stas Mikhaylov (music by Stas Mikhaylov). In April 2016 at the 15th anniversary „Сhanson of the Year“ music festival conducted at the State Kremlin Palace 9 songs to Mikhail Gutseriev's verses were acknowledged as laureates of an authoritative contest, among them: „Habitat of Love“, performed by Rada Rye ( music — V. Klimenkov, A. Atash and S. Akalin). „Chanel“, performed by Irina Krug (music by D. Dubinsky) „ Don’t Be Afraid of Love“(Don’t fear of Love) performed by Tatiana Bulanova (music by K. Kostomarov) „I just love in slow fashion“, performed by Mikhail Shufutinsky (music by I. Zubkov) „Wild nights“, performed by Alexander Marshal (music by Maxim Pokrovsky) „Your Hands Are Laying at the Colour Velvet” performed by Alexander Buinov (music by L. Molochnik, A. Zolotarev) „ Warm mantle of your arms “, performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana) „Rainbow, the smile of God“ (Rainbow, Divine performed by „Turetsky Choir Art Group“ (music by S. Revtov) „A Troublemaker“, performed by Stas Mikhaylov (music by Stas Mikhaylov) Again, in December 2016 Mikhail Gutseriev acknowledged as the best poet of the 45th „Song of the year“ anniversary festival, he was honoured with the „Poet of the Year“ statuette. The following songs to the verses of Mikhail Gutseriev were distinguished with the diplomas: „Don’t call me“ performed by Alla Pugacheva (music by Andrey Ktitarev) „ I`ll give my love to you" performed by Nikolay Baskov (music by Игоря Крутого) „Indivisible“ performed by Dima Bilan (music by Denis Kovalsky) „He and She“ performed by Alexey Glyzin and Valeriya (music by Dmitry Dvoretsky and Vadim Uslanov) „ Chimera “performed by Philipp Kirkorov (music by Oleg Zholtikov) „One hundred weeks“ performed by Alexander Buinov (music by Mikhail Gutseriev and Andrey Ktitarev) „Crazy Happiness“ performed by Anita Tsoy (music by Victoriya Kokhana) „I am tired of…“ performed by Natasha Koroleva (music by Maxim Pokrovsky) „A dream where we are alone“ performed by Stas Mikhaylov (music by Stas Mikhaylov) „Tea with milk“ performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana) „Rainbow, the smile of God“ performed by „Turetsky Choir Art Group“ (music by S. Revtov and Mikhail Gutseriev) "I'll ascend after you to the heaven" performed by Tamara Gverdtsiteli (music by Leonid Molochnik and Alexey Zolotarev). And in December 2016 Mikhail Gutseriev for the umpteenth time came out a winner of a Golden Gramophone prestigious prize. His song “Indivisible” performed by Dima Bilan (a Composer D. Kovalsky) became a laureate. In April 2017 at the „Сhanson of the Year“ song contest at the State Kremlin Palace already 12 hits by Mikhail Gutseriev performed by Russian pop-stars were given the prestigious award-statuettes: „I Understand You Are Tired“ performed by Stas Mikhaylov (music by Stas Mikhaylov) „Crazy Happiness“ performed by Anita Tsoy (music by V. Kokhana) „Bitter cure“ performed by Rada Rye (music by Rashit Kiyamov) „Forgotten one“ performed by Alexander Ivanov (music by S. Revtov (ru)) „Tea with milk“ performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana) „My heart is a shelter for love“, performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana) „ I'll ascend after you to the heaven (barefooted)“ performed by Tamara Gverdtsiteli (music by Leonid Molochnik and Alexey Zolotarev). „You do know that…“ performed by „Turetsky Choir Art Group“ (music by Andrey Ktitarev) „He and She“ performed by Alexey Glyzin and Valeriya (music by Dmitry Dvoretsky and Vadim Uslanov) „One hundred weeks“ performed by A. Buinov (music by Mikhail Gutseriev and Andrey Ktitarev) „Saffron yellow“ performed by Evgeny Grigoriev (music by Alexander Lunev and Evgeny Grigoriev) „Interspaces of Love“ performed by Irina Krug (music by V. Kokhana) In November 2017 two songs by Mikhail Gutseriev were marked with the Golden Gramophone awards: «My Heart is a Shelter for Love» performed by Taisia Povaliy (music by V. Kokhana) и «Crazy Happiness» performed by Anita Tsoy (music by V. Kokhana).


In January 2017 Mikhail Gutseriev became an owner of Bridge Media Group, one of the largest television holdings in the country that includes number of the popular music channels.


Four of Gutseriev`s songs were included in the album by Maxim Pokrovsky: “Moscow`S Traffic Jams”, ‘Yellow Glasses”, ‘Eyes Of Love” and “Asia 80”.