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Michael Feig was born on February 16, 1905, is Actor, Sound Department, Music Department. Through the teachings of revered acting coaches Cameron Thor and Alice Carter, both disciples of the late and great Roy London, Michael's vigorous training extends through the realms of Script Analysis, On-Camera, Advanced Scene Study, Stage Combat and resides in Evolutionary Artist's Master Class.Michael's recent lead role as a vengeful, drug induced hit-man in Somnorium brings bottomless depth and mystery as he uncovers the hard truth behind his girlfriend's brutal death. He can also be seen struggling between love and infidelity in The Lone Some, causing anarchy in Los Angeles as the leader of a rebel punk rock gang in The Wrong Crowd and naively jumping into a world of drugs and guns in Kilo Valley.Though Michael has called Los Angeles home all his life, he was born to an Israeli immigrant father, giving him the opportunity to travel and see the world from a young age. Naturally curious as a child, Michael found a love for science and searching for answers. This eventually led him to be selected to join a NASA research team at Cal Tech in Pasadena, where he collaborated with other astronomers researching protostars through the Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope.Michael's fascination with the arts has had him performing since he was young. Falling in love with music, he honed his craft with the desire to affect his audience the same way he was deeply affected through his influences. As an actor Michael seeks to follow the footsteps of the greats before him, inevitably carving his own path toward a career that will continue to entertain and affect the way people feel through story telling.
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Who is it? Actor, Sound Department, Music Department
Birth Day February 16, 1905
Died On March 19, 1992(1992-03-19) (aged 87)\nWashington, D.C.
Preceded by Martin L. Sweeney
Succeeded by James V. Stanton
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Florence Feighan
Relations Ed Feighan (nephew)
Alma mater John Carroll University; Princeton University; Harvard Law School

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Michael Aloysius Feighan (February 16, 1905 – March 19, 1992) was an American Politician from Lakewood, Ohio, near Cleveland. He served as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, and as a Democratic Party U.S. Representative from 1943 to 1971, serving Ohio's 20th congressional district.


During the legislation of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 Feighan insisted that "family unification" should take priority in immigration policy over "employability", on the premise that such a weighting would maintain the existing ethnic profile of the country. That change instead resulted in chain migration dominating the subsequent patterns of immigration to the United States and consequently a more ethnically diverse population.


After Feighan had served almost three decades in the House of Representatives, some local Democratic officials, led by Cleveland City Council President James V. Stanton, had grown tired of his leadership. Sensing that they could not beat Feighan in one election, they set up a stalking horse running a Michael Sweeney, a local Lawyer with a good political name. Sweeney lost, but his vote total showed that Feighan could be vulnerable in a rematch. Two years later, in 1970, Stanton himself ran and defeated Feighan in the Democratic primary, concluding Feighan's political career.