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Mahadev Govind Ranade was born on January 18, 2018 in Niphad, Indian, is Judge, Social Reformer. Mahadev Govind Ranade was an Indian social reformer, a distinguished scholar and founding member of Indian National Congress. He was among the foremost reformers who denounced the caste system and untouchability. He advocated social reforms such as widow re-marriage, liberation of women and emancipation of the oppressed classes. As a judge, he exercised his powers to promote equality of the sexes, the spread of education, rescuing children and widows from social injustices, and protection of agricultural workers and land tenants from exploitation. He always advocated the use of constitutional and legal ways for attaining freedom and bringing in social reforms. Later, he became involved in the working of a number of institutions aiming at social, economic and political advancement of India such as the Poona Sarvajanik Sabha, the Social Conference, Industrial Conference and the Prarthana Samaj. As a founder member of the Indian National Congress, his influence was inescapable. He was also considered to be a great historian who played a decisive role in the modernization of the Indian economy. He also published books on Indian economics and on Maratha history. He considered Western education as a vital element for the formation of a new and progressive India. A reformer, lover of justice and a believer of equality among all, he inspired many other Indian social reformers through his works.
Mahadev Govind Ranade is a member of Social Reformers

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Who is it? Judge, Social Reformer
Birth Day January 18, 2018
Birth Place Niphad, Indian
Died On January 16, 1901
Birth Sign Aquarius

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Ranade was a founder of the Social Conference movement, which he supported till his death, directing his social reform efforts against child marriage, the shaving of widows' heads, the heavy cost of marriages and other social functions, and the caste restrictions on traveling abroad, and he strenuously advocated widow remarriage and female education. He was one of the founders of the Widow Marriage Association in 1861. Though Ranade criticised superstitions and blind faith, he was conservative in his own life. He chose to take prayaschitta (religious penance) in case of Panch-houd Mission Case rather than taking a strong side of his opinions.


Justice Ranade, Vaman Abaji Modak, and Historian Dr. R. G. Bhandarkar established the Maharashtra Girls Education Society and Huzurpaga, the oldest girls' high school in Pune as well as in Maharashtra, India in 1885.,


A television series on Zee Marathi named Uncha maaza zoka (roughly translated as 'I have leapt high in Life') based on Ramabai's and Mahadevrao's life and their development as a 'women's rights' Activist was telecasted in March 2012,.[6] This series was critically acclaimed and celebrated throughout Maharashtra. The TV series was based on a book by Ramabai Ranade titled "Amachyaa Aayushyaatil Kaahi Aathavani" (in Marathi). In the book, Justice Ranade is called "Madhav" rather than Mahadeo.