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Lord Egremont Net Worth: Lord Egremont is a British nobleman who has a net worth of $72 million. Lord Egremont is the man who earns the credits for the upkeep of the late17th-century mansion, Petworth House in Sussex.
Lord Egremont is a member of Royals

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Net Worth: $72 Million

💰 Net worth: $72 Million (2022)

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After the Egremont family was hit by crippling death duties three times after the war, the care for the Petworth mansion was put in the hands of the National Trust since 1947. Most of the art pieces in Petworth, which boasts one of the finest art collections in Britain, are owned by the National Trust. While the family, who also has acreage around Petworth, possesses some of the paintings in the mansion. Reportedly, there is little liquid wealth in the family as the Egremont Charitable Trust is said to have made a £6,500 loss on £14,900 sales in 2008-2009.