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Joseph Safra is a billionaire banker from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the owner of Banco Safra, the eighth largest bank in Brazil, and J. Safra Sarasin, a bank formed in 2013 from a merger of Bank Sarasin and other European banks. His three sons, Jacob, David, and Alberto, manage his various businesses. He also owns 50% of Chiquita Brands International, a London skyscraper, and a dozen properties in the U.S. His two brothers, Moise and Edmond, were also billionaires, though Edmond died in 1999 in a suspicious fire.
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Birth Year 1939
Birth Place Sao Paulo, Brazil, Brazil
Residence São Paulo, Brazil
Spouse(s) Vicky Sarfati
Children Jacob J Safra, Alberto J Safra, Esther Safra Dayan, David J Safra
Parent(s) Jacob Safra (father)
Family Eli Safra, Moise Safra, Edmond Safra, Arlette Safra (siblings)

💰 Net worth: $19.9 Billion (2024)

Joseph Safra is a prominent figure in the finance industry, particularly in Brazil. His remarkable success has propelled his net worth to an estimated $19.9 billion in 2024. Safra's shrewd business acumen and astute investments have cemented his position as one of the wealthiest individuals globally. His expertise in banking and financial services has allowed him to establish a strong presence in Brazil and beyond. Safra's impressive achievements have made him a symbol of financial prowess, earning him respect and admiration in the industry.

2009 $7 Billion
2010 $10 Billion
2011 $11.4 Billion
2012 $13.8 Billion
2013 $15.9 Billion
2014 $16 Billion
2015 $17.3 Billion
2016 $17.2 Billion
2017 $20.5 Billion
2018 $23.69 Billion

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The Safra family moved to Brazil in 1952. In 1955, Joseph's 23-year-old brother, Edmond Safra, and his Father, Jacob Safra, started working in Brazil by financing assets in São Paulo. But soon, Edmond Safra separated from his brothers Joseph and Moise and headed to New York where he founded the Republic National Bank of New York (which he later sold to HSBC in 1999 and donated most of his money to the Edmond Safra Foundation). Joseph Safra founded Banco Safra in 1955 and today it is reportedly the 6th largest private bank in Brazil. He remains the chairman of the Safra Group offering banking services throughout Europe, North and South America.


In 2013, Joseph Safra's family acquired more than a dozen properties in the U.S., primarily in New York City. They also own a portfolio of commercial real estate in Brazil. In 2014 Safra paid more than £700 million to buy The Gherkin – one of the most distinctive towers in the City of London.