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John Arnold is an incredibly successful American businessman and entrepreneur with a net worth of $3.3 billion. He began his career as a trader for Enron and was so successful that when Enron collapsed in 2002, he was able to use his earnings to create his own company, Centaurus Advisors, LLC. His success has enabled him to become one of the wealthiest people in the world.
John Arnold is a member of Wall Street

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Birth Year 1974
Birth Place United States
Net Worth: $3.3 Billion

💰 Net worth: $3.3 Billion (2024)

John Arnold is a prominent figure in the world of finance, widely recognized as one of the most successful individuals on Wall Street in the United States. With an estimated net worth of $3.3 billion in 2024, he has amassed a substantial fortune through his expertise in investment strategies and energy trading. Known for his sharp business acumen, John Arnold has proven himself as an astute investor, consistently delivering impressive returns. His financial prowess has placed him at the forefront of the industry, cementing his position as a notable figure in the world of finance.

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John Douglas Arnold was born in 1974. He grew up in Dallas, Texas and graduated from Vanderbilt University. Arnold started his career at Enron as an oil analyst. He was promoted to assistant trader and then started trading gas derivatives in 1996. In 2001 he made the company three quarters of a billion dollars and got an $8 million bonus. In 2002 he founded Centaurus Advisors, LLC with that bonus. Centaurus was a hedge fund that specialized in trading energy products, based out of Houston, TX. In 2006 he pled the 5th Amendment after being asked if he had ever manipulated the Western energy markets while at Enron. He signed the Giving Pledge in 2010 and gave more than $100 million in 2011. He and his wife founded the Laura and John Arnold Foundation and in 2012 they gave away over $400 million. John is married to Laura Elena Munoz and the couple has three children.