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Joe Gebbia was born on August 21, 1981 in San Francisco, California, United States, is CPO & Cofounder, Airbnb, Inc.. Joe Gebbia cofounded peer-to-peer room and home rental company Airbnb with Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk in 2008. Gebbia and Chesky met in college at Rhode Island School of Design. Before becoming chief product officer of Airbnb, Gebbia initially wanted to pursue fine art painting and host gallery shows in New York City. More than 260 million people have used Airbnb, which operates in 65,000 cities in more than 190 countries.
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Who is it? CPO & Cofounder, Airbnb, Inc.
Birth Day August 21, 1981
Birth Place San Francisco, California, United States
Birth Sign Virgo
Residence San Francisco, California, U.S.
Other names Joseph Gebbia
Alma mater Rhode Island School of Design, B.F.A
Occupation Designer, Entrepreneur
Employer Airbnb
Known for Co-founder of Airbnb
Title CPO of Airbnb
Parent(s) Eileen and Joe Gebbia
Relatives Kimberly Gebbia {sister}

💰 Net worth: $12.99 Billion (2021)

2015 $3.3 Billion
2016 $3.3 Billion
2017 $3.8 Billion
2018 $3.8 Billion

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Joe Gebbia was born August 21, 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia, the son of Eileen and Joe Gebbia. He has one sister, Kimberly. He graduated in 2005 from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Industrial Design. It was at RISD that he met Brian Chesky, who would later become his roommate and co-founder of Airbnb. While studying in the Northeast, Gebbia complemented his creative pursuits and studies at RISD with Business coursework at Brown University and MIT.


After graduating from RISD, Gebbia got a job at Chronicle Books in San Francisco, while Chesky moved to Los Angeles. Gebbia convinced Chesky to move to San Francisco in 2007 to start a Business together. When they both quit their jobs, their landlord raised their rent and so they were in need of money. Knowing the Industrial Design Society of America conference was coming to San Francisco and many hotels were booked. Gebbia believed they could rent out airbeds in their apartment to conference goers. They marketed this idea by creating a website called "AirBed & Breakfast." This was the foundation of Airbnb. Another of Gebbia's roommates, Harvard graduate and technical Architect Nathan Blecharczyk, became the third co-founder in February 2008.


Gebbia serves on the Board of Trustees of his alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). In 2014, he donated US$300,000 to RISD to establish a US$50,000 term scholarship and an endowed fund. On June 1, 2016, Gebbia joined Warren Buffett and Bill Gates' 'The Giving Pledge', a select group of billionaires who have committed to give the majority of their wealth away.


In May 2017, Gebbia launched a modular office furniture Business called Neighborhood. The furniture was created for Bernhardt Design, a furniture company that has worked with emerging designers.


After failing to get the funding for the new company, the team designed cereal boxes, “Obama O’s” and “Cap’n McCains,” based on the 2008 presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain and sold them at the conventions. When Gebbia shared their work with Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator, he was impressed with the tenacity involved in the endeavor, admitting them to the program as a result. He gave them their first round of seed funding in 2009.