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Jean Fouquet was born in Tours, French, is Painter. Jean Fouquet was a leading 15th century artist in France who was a master manuscript illuminator. Considered to be an expert in panel painting as well, he is also believed to be the inventor of the portrait miniature. He was probably the first painter from northern Europe to travel to Italy and gain first-hand experience of the early Italian Renaissance which had a tremendous influence on his art. Not much is known about the circumstances of his birth or early life, though it is evident from his works of art that he received training from a master artist as a young man. He travelled to Italy where he observed the works of other artists and experienced the influence of Italian Renaissance. While in Italy he portrayed Pope Eugenius IV with his two nephews. This painting created a sensation and earned him international recognition. His trip to Italy had long lasting impact on his artistic styles. On returning to France, he incorporated elements of Italian art into his own paintings thereby creating his unique style that made him a much celebrated artist. He opened a workshop that became very successful and he received commissions from the nobles and the royals. King Charles VII was one of his patrons and his successor King Louis XI appointed Fouquet the official court painter.
Jean Fouquet is a member of Renaissance Painters

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Who is it? Painter
Birth Place Tours, French
Died On 1481

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Upon his return to France, while retaining his purely French sentiment, he grafted the elements of the Tuscan style, which he had acquired during his period in Italy, upon the style of the Van Eycks, forming the basis of early 15th-century French art and becoming the founder of an important new school.