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Ilkka Herlin was born on January 25, 1959 in Helsinki, Finland, Finland. Ilkka Herlin is the great-grandson of Finnish business legend Harald Herlin, who invested in Kone Elevators in 1924. After his father's death in 2003, Ilkka and his siblings Ilona and Niklas discovered their father had rewritten his will in 1999 and left most of the ownership in Kone to their brother Antti. Angered that they had never been informed, the siblings battled for control. The dispute ended in 2005, with Kone being split in two. Antti maintained control over the core elevator business and received a majority stake in Kone, while his siblings were given a majority stake in Cargotec, which produces machinery that handles heavy duty cargo for ships and ports, and a minority stake in Kone. Four of the five siblings are billionaires.
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Birth Day January 25, 1959
Birth Place Helsinki, Finland, Finland
Birth Sign Aquarius
Residence Helsinki, Finland
Education Doctor of Philosophy
Alma mater University of Helsinki
Occupation Chairman, Cargotec
Spouse(s) married
Children 4
Parent(s) Pekka Herlin
Relatives Heikki H. Herlin (grandfather) Antti Herlin (brother) Ilona Herlin (sister) Niklas Herlin (brother)

💰 Net worth: $2 Billion (2022)

2014 $1.1 Billion
2015 $1.2 Billion
2016 $1.1 Billion
2017 $1.4 Billion
2018 $1.59 Billion



His Father Pekka Herlin died in 2003, and it was discovered that he had rewritten his will in 1999, leaving most of the elevator and escalator maker Kone to Ilkka's brother Antti Herlin. Ilkka and his siblings Ilona and Niklas were unhappy about not being informed, and the dispute finally ended in 2005. The Kone company was split, with Antti receiving a majority stake in its core elevator Business. Ilkka and his siblings received a majority of Cargotec and a minority stake in the new Kone company. All four siblings became billionaires.