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Hendra Setiawan is a professional badminton player from Indonesia, born on August 25, 1984. He has achieved great success in his career, and his net worth, biography, age, height, and family have been well documented. He continues to be a successful badminton player and is a source of inspiration for many.
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Birth Day August 25, 1984
Birth Place Indonesia
Hendra Setiawan age 39 YEARS OLD
Birth Sign Virgo

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Hendra Setiawan, a renowned badminton player from Indonesia, is estimated to have a net worth ranging from $100K to $1M in the year 2023. Known for his exceptional skills and contributions to the sport, Setiawan has proved himself as a leading figure in the world of badminton. With numerous achievements and accolades to his name, including being a multiple-time Olympic medalist, his success on the court has earned him a considerable fortune. As his career continues to flourish, it is likely that Hendra Setiawan's net worth will further increase, solidifying his position as one of the most accomplished badminton players in Indonesia and beyond.

Badminton player who is widely regarded as one of the greatest men's doubles players ever. He is an Olympic gold medalist for Indonesia and a multiple-time BWF World Champion.

He played for the Jaya Raya Jakarta badminton club as a young man.

He earned his first number one world ranking while partnered with Markis Kido in 2007.

He married a woman named Sandra in 2011. He has children named Richard, Russell and Richele.

He has partnered with Mohammad Ahsan.