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Friede Springer was born on August 15, 1942 in Berlin, Germany, Germany. Friede Springer is heiress of the media company Axel Springer Verlag, founded by her husband, Axel. Friede was the fifth wife of Axel. They met when she was hired as a nanny to his two sons, and were married in 1978. Axel, who was 30 years older, apparently groomed her to take on responsibilities at the company. Upon his death in 1985, she assumed control of a juggernaut that currently publishes newspapers in 44 countries, including the leading German conservative daily, Die Welt, and Germany's largest tabloid, Bild Zeitung. Propelled in part by its acquisition of the TV news station N24, finalized in 2014, Axel Springer aims to build the leading multimedia news outlet for quality journalism in the German-speaking world. Meanwhile, it generates nearly half its $3.5 billion in revenue from international markets, with digital activities accounting for more than 60% of the total. The company publishes the foreign-language editions of Forbes magazine in Poland and Russia. In 2015, it paid roughly $343 million for 88% of Business Insider, and subsequently raised its its stake in the New York-based digital business news outlet to 97%. It's an investor in social video news publisher NowThis Media, a New York-start-up targeting 18- to 34-year-olds with short videos about trending stories for mobile devices and distribution across social networks. Friede Springer is active in various philanthropic organizations, and has received numerous awards for her efforts to rebuild German-Jewish relations. She also holds the Federal Cross of Merit for her efforts to promote social, cultural and scientific dialogue worldwide. A member of Germany's conservative party, the Christian Democratic Union, she is a personal friend of chancellor Angela Merkel.
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Birth Day August 15, 1942
Birth Place Berlin, Germany, Germany
Birth Sign Virgo
Occupation Publisher
Political party Christian Democratic Union
Board member of Axel Springer AG
Spouse(s) Axel Springer (1978–1985†)

💰 Net worth: $3 Billion (2021)

2009 $1.6 Billion
2010 $2.5 Billion
2011 $3.7 Billion
2012 $3 Billion
2013 $3 Billion
2014 $4.2 Billion
2015 $4 Billion
2016 $3.4 Billion
2017 $3.9 Billion
2018 $5.8 Billion

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A Frisian gardener's daughter, she worked as a nanny at the Springer family's home from 1965 onwards and later became Springer's lover and eventual partner. In 1978 she became Springer's fifth (and last) wife. She is a member of the Independent Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Germany.


Under her guidance, the Springer heirs bought back the company's shares from the two Burda brothers for about DM 531 million in 1988. Five years prior, the brothers had paid half that sum for their share. As Springer's children leaned up against her in the following years, she bought the family members out and thus took over their shares. In 2002, she (formally being the company's governing body) installed Mathias Döpfner as the new chairman of the board. He led the Springer AG out of its crisis and dissolved the tight bond with Munich based Entrepreneur Leo Kirch.


She is a friend of Angela Merkel and also a party member of the Christian Democratic Union. As such she participated in the 12th Federal Assembly in 2004 to elect the President of Germany. Among the decorations she received was the Order of Merit of the State of Berlin in 1988, the Great Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1996, the Leo Baeck Price by the Central Council of Jews in Germany in 2000, and the Bavarian Order of Merit in 2004.


As of July 2015, Friede Springer sits as deputy chairwoman on the supervisory board of Axel Springer AG and is the largest shareholder of the company. She owns 5.6% of Springer AG's stocks directly and has a 90% shareholding of Axel Springer Gesellschaft für Publizistik GmbH & Co. KG, which in turn has a stake of 51.5% in Axel Springer AG. According to the Forbes magazine, she owned a private fortune of US$5.1 billion (as of November 2017), thereby ranking as the 31st richest person on the list of Germany's wealthiest people and the 460th worldwide.