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Ennio Doris was born on July 03, 1940 in Tombolo, Italy, Italy. Born into poverty, Ennio Doris is one of the leaders of Italy's financial sector. He founded Banca Mediolanum with an investment from fellow billionaire media tycoon and former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in 1982. Doris was born in northeastern Italy. With financial support from his sister, a seamstress, he completed his studies and began selling insurance policies. Hearing Silvio Berlusconi publicly say, "if anyone has an idea and needs an investor, come find me; if it's a good idea, we'll make it happen together," Doris decided to seek him out and pitched Berlusconi his idea: a financial services company that offered a wide variety of products. In 1982, they founded Programma Italia, which promoted the use of financing and credit. Restructured in 1996 into Mediolanum, which they took public that year, the firm, with Doris as CEO, offers life insurance, fund management, real estate loans and other products. In December 2015, Mediolanum merged with its fully-owned banking unit Banca Mediolanum in order to streamline its business; it now trades as the latter. Doris reimbursed his clients for their losses in the aftermath of the Lehman Brothers collapse, a move that cost Mediolanum approximately $220 million and a dividend cut. He is still among Berlusconi's largest business partners. For a long time the charismatic Doris was the public face of the company's advertising campaigns, a role that has been delegated to his son, Massimo, who is chief executive of Banca Mediolanum.
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Birth Day July 03, 1940
Birth Place Tombolo, Italy, Italy
Birth Sign Leo
Occupation Businessman

💰 Net worth: $3.8 Billion (2022)

2009 $1.4 Billion
2010 $1.9 Billion
2011 $1.5 Billion
2012 $1.3 Billion
2013 $1.7 Billion
2014 $2.5 Billion
2015 $2.1 Billion
2016 $2 Billion
2017 $2.2 Billion
2018 $2.92 Billion

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Born in Tombolo, a small village near Padova, Italy on 3 July 1940, Mr. Doris entered the Retail asset management field in 1969 when he became a salesman for Fideuram. In 1971 he joined Dival, where he rose to be the head of a 700-person sales force. In 1982 he started his own company "Programma Italia" and convinced Silvio Berlusconi to invest 250,000 Euro in return for a half share of the company. His strategy was to focus on Retail client relationships, while subcontracting the management of invested funds to other firms. Under his charismatic leadership his network of salesmen grew rapidly as did the funds under management. He added insurance and banking and renamed the firm Mediolanum. In June 1996 the company was floated on the Italian stock market. Mr. Berlusconi described it as the best investment he had ever made.


In the Forbes list for 2008, Mr. Doris is listed as the world's 573rd richest man, with assets of 2.1 billion USD.