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Daniela Gil is a TikTok Star born on June 04, 2002 in Mexico. She has gained a large following on the platform and has become a well-known influencer. Her net worth, biography, age, height, family, and career updates are all available online for fans to learn more about her.
Daniela Gil is a member of TikTok Star

Age, Biography and Wiki

Birth Day June 04, 2002
Birth Place Mexico
Birth Sign Gemini

💰 Net worth

Daniela Gil, a popular TikTok star from Mexico, is expected to have a net worth ranging from $100K to $1M in the year 2024. With her entertaining and engaging content on TikTok, Daniela has successfully captivated a large audience and gained significant popularity. This has not only earned her fame but also lucrative opportunities and sponsorships, contributing to her growing net worth. As she continues to thrive in the ever-evolving world of social media, Daniela's financial success is projected to further increase in the coming years.

TikTok star who has gained popularity for the storytime videos and makeup tutorials she posts to her danygildlp account. She has accumulated over 2.7 million followers on the social media platform.

She launched her TikTok account in July 2020.

Her first TikTok video to receive over 1 million views features her listing some of her favorite Netflix shows.

Her boyfriend Russel has appeared on her danygildlp Instagram account.

She posted a TikTok video set to the Marwa Loud song "Bad Boy" in February 2021.