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Buffet began to diversify the company's investments, and Berkshire Hathaway's net worth has grown to $530 billion.
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Birth Day August 30, 1930
Birth Place United States
Birth Sign Virgo
Net Worth: $530 Billion

💰 Net worth: $530 Billion (2023)

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Buffet decided to sell his shares.  He, and the primary owner of Hathaway, agreed on a selling price, but when the paperwork arrived, Hathaway's owner, Seabury Stanton, had altered the numbers.  In a fit of pique, Warren Buffet decided not sell.  Though it was not a wise financial decision, since the company was failing, Mr. Buffet has since diversified the company's holdings, and turned it into the eighth largest public company in the world.  The company now owns and operates an insurance arm, including GEICO, an utilities and energy group, multiple clothing manufacturers, including Fruit of the Loom, building products manufacturers, financial groups, and multiple retail arms.  It employs 260,000 people.


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