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Arturo Gil was born on March 19, 2013 in  New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, is Actor, Stunts, Miscellaneous Crew. Arturo Gil has a rare form of dwarfism and only stands three and half feet tall. His height hasn't stopped him from doing anything unless it's a vertical issue. A step stool or a ladder comes in handy. Gil was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is bilingual English/Spanish.Art's career expands over two decades and has traveled the world working on various films. He's a versatile actor and has played many different kinds of roles from mythical, to aliens, monsters, and even a drag queen.Gil would like to encourage writers, producers, directors and film companies to use actors with dwarfism or disabilities in films and television, to create a more realistic reflection of our world. "Let's make it real!".
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Who is it? Actor, Stunts, Miscellaneous Crew
Birth Day March 19, 2013
Birth Place  New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Birth Sign Aries

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For not for the Walker, nor for my heart is there a second, a minute, an hour or anything that is in the old clock -- there is nothing but the night, the sleepless night, the watchful, wistful night, and footsteps that go, and footsteps that come and the wild, tumultuous beatings that trail after them forever.



Arturo Giovannitti was born January 7, 1884, in Ripabottoni in what is now the Province of Campobasso, Italy, at the time part of the Abruzzi but now part of Molise. He immigrated to Canada in 1900 and, after working in a coal mine and railroad crew, began preaching in a Presbyterian mission. He soon came to the United States, where he studied at Union Theological Seminary. Although he did not graduate, he ran rescue missions for Italians in Brooklyn and Pittsburgh. He also began writing for the weekly newspaper of the Italian Socialist Federation. In 1911, he became the newspaper's Editor.


All three defendants were acquitted, on November 26, 1912.


In the wake of the trial, Giovannitti published his first book of poems, Arrows in the Gale, in 1914. In an introduction to the book, Helen Keller wrote: "Giovannitti is, like Shelley, a poet of revolt against the cruelty, the poverty, the ignorance which too many of us accept." But Giovannitti, following ten months in prison, avoided involvement in volatile strikes. Instead, he devoted himself to poetry, editing radical journals and protesting World War I, which claimed two of his brothers.


In 1916, he participated in Percy MacKaye's production of Caliban by the Yellow Sands, translating it into Italian. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, he appeared at various workers' rallies, charming crowds with his Vandyke beard and flowery Italian and English.


In 1950, Giovannitti was stricken by paralysis in both legs. He remained bedridden until his death in the Bronx, in 1959.