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Aníbal, Jr. has been wrestling since the age of 15 and has competed in various promotions throughout Mexico. He is currently signed to the AAA promotion and is a former AAA World Cruiserweight Champion. Aníbal, Jr. has a net worth of $400 thousand, earned through his successful career as a professional wrestler.
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Birth Day November 5, 1940
Birth Place Mexico
Died On 1994
Birth Sign Scorpio
Net Worth: $400 Thousand

💰 Net worth: $400 Thousand (2024)

Aníbal Jr., a well-known wrestler in Mexico, has amassed an estimated net worth of $400 Thousand by 2024. Being part of the wrestling industry, he has successfully captured the attention of fans with his incredible skills and entertaining performances. Through his dedication to the sport, Aníbal Jr. has not only gained fame but also managed to accumulate a significant fortune. With his impressive net worth, it is clear that Aníbal Jr. has established himself as a successful wrestler in Mexico.

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He has also wrestled under the alter ego El Hijo de Anibal and trained under Diablo Velasco, Gran Cochisse and El Satanico. He is known by the nickname El Hijo de la Saeta Azul as well. Aníbal, Jr. has publicly expressed his intent to continue his father's legacy in the United States. In addition to being an accomplished luchstar, Aníbal, Jr. is also an Olympic gold medalist in the category of freestyle wrestling (for Mexico). An accomplished ring veteran, Aníbal, Jr. has been competing around the world for the past 15 years and has positioned himself, as intended, to extend the legacy of his father among the reputations of masked warriors and future masked warriors. Aníbal, Jr. is known for such trademark 'holds' as Quebradora con Giro, Flying Splash and Power Bomb. At 6'1″ and 209 lbs., he began his professional wrestling career in 1993 and held the AIWA World Heavyweight Championship title in 2014. He has performed as both a singles wrestler and a tag team wrestler.