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Who is it?: Actress, Costume Department
Birth Day: March 11, 1943
Birth Place:  Los Angeles, California, United States
Died On: February 14, 1992(1992-02-14) (aged 48)\nLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Birth Sign: Aries
Cause of death: cervical cancer
Other names: Angelique, Heaven St. John, Angel St. John
Occupation: actress, model, adult entertainer
Years active: 1967–1992

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Angelique Pettyjohn was bornon March 11, 1943 in  Los Angeles, California, United States, is Actress, Costume Department. Born Dorothy Lee Perrins in Los Angeles, California on March 11, 1943, Angelique Pettyjohn began modeling at a very young age. She also took advantage of her living in the locus of "American Dreams" by studying acting. Pettyjohn made her movie debut at age 21, under the name "Angelique", in the low-budget The Love Rebellion (1967), before tasting the big-time, co-starring opposite "The King", Elvis Presley, in the forgettable Clambake (1967). This was her first appearance in an A-list movie, and this led to small roles in other big-budget films.However, her fame as a thespian lies with her work on the small screen, appearing in memorable roles on Get Smart (1965) and Star Trek (1966). In 1967, she appeared on the former in a recurring role as Charlie Watkins, imaginatively dubbed "Agent 38", to highlight her twin assets to the less-enlightened and obtuse in the audience. Charlie was a man disguised as a woman, and Angelique succeeded. After testing for the role of Nova in Planet of the Apes (1968) (the role went to a producer's girlfriend), she won the role that made her an immortal among fans of science fiction: Shahna in the Star Trek (1966) episode, Star Trek: The Gamesters of Triskelion (1968).The episode, which ran in the second season of the cult series, featured her as an alien who helps Captain James T. Kirk perform as a gladiator for the pleasure of a powerful clique of aliens-captors. Angelique's character had been bred by the aliens, specifically, to participate in the gladiatorial contests. Assigned to Kirk as an instructor, she prepares him for combat, but naturally falls for him. Kirk then uses this ruse to free all of the thralls, and does not leave the planet until he gets a promise that they will be educated and no longer be subjected to the whims of their former overlords.The episode is a favorite of Star Trek fans and, although Pettyjohn would later reap the benefits of the role by appearing in countless Star Trek fan conventions in the distant future, at the time, it led exactly nowhere for her career. She continued in the bimbo sexual desire in such cinematic horrors as Hell's Belles (1969), The Curious Female (1970) and Bordello (1974). Her career was strictly in movies churned out for drive-ins and the exploitation circuit.In the early 1980s, she appeared as a stripper in Las Vegas, Nevada but soon abandoned her avocation as an ecdysiast and softcore star for hardcore porn. Titillation (1982), Stalag 69 (1982) and Body Talk (1984) featured Pettyjohn, billed as either "Angel St. John", "Heaven St. John", or under her old moniker, "Angelique".The burgeoning Star Trek cult, bolstered by the series of movies released by Paramount beginning in 1979, allowed Pettyjohn to quickly ditch her hardcore career. She began working Star Trek conventions to earn her keep, selling posters of herself, in and out of her sexy outfit from "The Gamesters of Triskelion". Her appearance on the circuit raised her profile in the movie industry. Indie film directors, who knew of her earlier work in low-budget exploitation fare, began hiring her for small roles in their films. She appeared in such indie features as Repo Man (1984), Biohazard (1985) and The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988).Eventually, Pettyjohn's fame grew and she began headlining science fiction conventions as the main guest of honor. She overcame alcoholism and drug abuse to put her life on an even keel, overcoming the low self-esteem that had led her to her porno appearances. She lived in a cabin in the backwoods of Virginia.Pettyjohn appeared at her last science fiction convention in autumn 1989. Las Vegas had offered her a chance to cash in on her cult notoriety as an exotic dancer, and she took this; she was 46 years old, but still beautiful and vivacious, doing what made her happy, performing for a live audience.Angelique Pettyjohn died of cervical cancer at age 48 on February 14, 1992 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Apart from her role in Star Trek, Pettyjohn also made appearances on other 1960s television shows such as Mister Terrific, The Green Hornet, Batman, Love, American Style, The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., and as male CONTROL agent Charlie Watkins (a "master of disguise" who is able to appear convincingly female) in episodes of Get Smart, "Smart Fit the Battle of Jericho" and "Pussycats Galore" (1967).


Pettyjohn was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her first credited film appearances were in 1967 under the name Angelique. They include The Touch of Her Flesh and The Love Rebellion. Her big break came that same year in the Elvis Presley film, Clambake.


Pettyjohn was one of the go-go Dancers in the opening scene of the comedy The Odd Couple (1968), starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, and she also tested for the role of Nova in Planet of the Apes the same year (Linda Harrison got the part).


In 1969, she starred in the cult horror film The Mad Doctor of Blood Island, appeared as Cherry in the biker film Hell's Belles, played a saloon girl in the Glenn Ford Western Heaven with a Gun, and starred in Childish Things, co-directed by John Derek.


During the 1970s, she worked as a burlesque star in Las Vegas. In 1970, she appeared in Barry Ashton's Burlesque Show at the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall and Saloon. She later was a featured showgirl in the Vive Paris Vive show at the Aladdin Hotel. She also was featured in the Maxim Hotel & Casino Burlesque Show, and in 1978 teamed with Bob Mitchell and Miss Nude Universe in "True Olde Tyme Burlesque" at the Joker Club. She was photographed by Robert Scott Hooper for the February 1979 Playboy pictorial "The Girls of Las Vegas". Pettyjohn became quite popular at the Star Trek conventions and in 1979 Hooper photographed her in her costume from the episode "The Gamesters of Triskelion". They produced two posters, one in her complete costume and one nude without the costume, that she sold at the conventions.


On February 14, 1992, Pettyjohn died in Las Vegas, Nevada, of cervical cancer.