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Ajatasatru was born in Rajgir, Indian, is King. Ajatasatru was a powerful and authoritative emperor of the Haryanka dynasty of the Magadha kingdom. He embraced supremacy and dominance over the whole of North India. According to the Buddhist texts, ‘such was his restlessness to ascend the throne and rule the empire that he imprisoned his father, Bimbisara, and got him murdered’. With an ambition of expanding his empire, he invaded Vaisali and after 16 years of extensive war with its ruler, Chetaka, he was successful in conquering the republic. Thereafter, he set his eyes on other smaller kingdoms of Kasi and Kosala. Desperate to add more territories to his empire, he conquered 36 more kingdoms and republican states around Magadha, eventually, establishing the influence of Magadha across North India, stretching from present-day Haryana and Himachal Pradesh in the west to Bihar and West Bengal in the east. While he is said to be a follower of both Jainism and Buddhism faiths, records provide sufficient evidence of him being a Jain devotee due to his several meetings with Mahavira as opposed to a single meeting with Buddha
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Who is it? King
Birth Place Rajgir, Indian
Died On 460 BCE or c. 380 BCE
Reign c. 492 – c. 460 BCE or early 4th cent. BCE
Predecessor Bimbisara
Successor Udayabhadra
Spouse Vajira Padmavati Dharini Subadhra
Issue Udayabhadra
Dynasty Haryanka
Father Bimbisara
Mother Kosala Devi or Chellna

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The account of Ajatashatru's death recorded by historians is c. 535 BCE. The account of his death differs widely between Jain and Buddhist traditions. Other accounts point towards c. 460 BCE as the year of his death.