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Ahmed Fouad Negm was an Egyptian vernacular poet born on May 22, 1969. He was a folk hero in Egypt and was awarded the 2013 Prince Claus Award for Unwavering Integrity in recognition of his work. His poetry was a reflection of the struggles of the Egyptian people and his commitment to justice and freedom.
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Birth Day May 22, 1969
Birth Place Egypt
Died On Dec 3, 2013 (age 44)
Birth Sign Gemini

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Ahmed Fouad Negm, widely recognized as a prominent poet in Egypt, is estimated to have a net worth ranging between $100,000 to $1 million by the year 2024. Negm's influential and rebellious poetry has left a lasting impact on Egyptian literature and society. Renowned for his insightful critiques of social and political injustices, Negm's verses resonated deeply with the Egyptian people. Throughout his career, he consistently used his pen to shed light on the struggles of the working class and marginalized communities. Ahmed Fouad Negm's poetic contributions not only enriched the literary landscape but also played a pivotal role in shaping Egypt's cultural discourse.

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Egyptian vernacular poet who became known as a folk hero in Egypt. He won the 2013 Prince Claus Award for Unwavering Integrity.

Before Fame

His father died when he was young, and he lived in an orphanage until he was seventeen.


He was appointed a United Nations Ambassador by their poverty action committee.

Family Life

He was born to Mohammed Ezat Negm and Hanem Morsi Negm and he had one older brother.

Associated With

He became well-known for his friendship and collaboration with Sheikh Imam.